The Bat Force

The Most Dedicated Group of Batfans in the World


#THEBATFORCE started in 2014 as a group of individuals who passionately read, collected, and experienced the DC Comics character BATMAN.

Members of THE BAT FORCE hail from New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, Michigan, Chicago, Texas, California, and Ontario Canada.

Today, THE BAT FORCE hosts a successful weekly podcast with a guest list that has boasted DC Comics creators including writer Tom King (Vision, Omega Men, Sheriff of Babylon, Batman), artist David Finch (New Avengers, Moon Knight, Batman: The Dark Knight, Forever Evil, Batman), artist Jason Fabok (Batman: The Dark Knight, Detective Comics, Batman Eternal, Justice League), and writer Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series, The Batman Adventures: Mad Love, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, and Dark Knight: A True Batman Story).